PurpleMars - Get In Touch

At PurpleMars we believe that technology can be used to help you do day to day activities such as shopping, so that you have more time left for things that really matter to you.  

With Purplemars, you can just point your phone's camera at items activated with our technology, buy what you need, and have it delivered to you! No queuing at stores or browsing internet websites!


Purplemars in Action

How does PurpleMars Work?

Making Purchases via Purplemars is easy! Just follow these steps:

1.  Open the 'Purplemars' app on your iPhone or Android Device

2.  Place your phone camera over the catalogue or product*

3. Press the Buy Now button that appears on your phone screen

4.  You will be taken to the product description. Indicate the product quantity you want to purchase and tap 'Add to Cart'

5. If you want to buy more products, press the 'x' on the bottom right of the screen to go back to the product scanner

6. After you are done, tap 'View Cart' and checkout. Your payment will be securely processed by Paypal.

7. Wait for the item to be delivered to you!

* Note that the product or catalogue must have been activated by Purplemars first. 


Retail Through Us!

Want to retail through us? Just tap on the icons below to call or email us:

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