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At PurpleMars we believe that it is important for you to reach out to people. That is why we provide technology that allows you to provide people an interactive experience, even if you are not by their side. 

Refer below for more details on the products which can be enhanced by Purplemars


Children's Books

At Purplemars, we believe that children learn best when they are better engaged. We also believe that children can self-learn if they are provided the right tools.                                                                                                                                                                          As such, we work with various content providers to enhance the user experience of their children's books. Now, by using our app, among other things, the child can:
  • Have the story read out to them both in English and another language
  • Learn how words are pronounced
  • Learn the meaning of certain words
  • and more!
Currently, the following books have been enhanced by our app:

Interactive Quizes To Engage

Purplemars allows you to run interactive quizzes for a wider range of audience. 
Some events that have been facilitated by Purplemars are:

  • Conduct of quizes where students go to different images, scan them with our app to find clues and answer questions
  • Events where students are able to self-learn during learning journeys by scanning images and listening to pre-determined content 
  • Conduct of intellectual games which help guide the thinking process of students

If you would like to engage us to hold engaging and fun events for adults and children alike, do feel free to contact us. 

Flyers And Other Materials

Purplemars has assisted companies to enhance the manner in which they engage their potential customers. 

It allows you to embed video or voice clips with us, such that your end customer is able to hear a personalized message when they scan your printed material with our app. We also provide our clients with:

  • Printing services
  • Mobile optimized websites 
  • One click call and email functionalities

We can also offer other functionalities and features which will have to be discussed separately

Event Registration/Sign Ups

ver put out an advert that asks potential clients to sign up for your workshops or events? Using our solution, your potential customers no longer have to call you to arrange for an appointment. 

They can just scan your advert with our app, press a button, and sign up online. This also saves you the hassle of having to maintain a list of registrants as this information can now be collated by our system.

See It In Action!

  • Interactive Posters

    Scan the image and see it come to life!

  • Advertising

    Advertisers can now allow their clients to call or email them on a single click, or route them to a mobile website created by us, especially for you.

  • Education

    Scan this image and listen to songs on the letter 'a' and the various ways in which 'a' can be pronounced

  • Introductions

    Scan this image and listen to Horizon the Horse introduce himself!

Get in Touch!

Get in touch with us to better understand how we can add interactivity to your events or promotional materials. Just tap on the icons below to call or email us:

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